Fuego Pre-Made lip gloss
Fuego Pre-Made lip gloss
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Fuego Pre-Made lip gloss

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This shade is HOT like fire & Tutti frutti flavored 🔥 

Stop searching for the perfect formula… It’s right here 😊

Turn your $45 into $200+ profit 😘

8 oz of Vegan & Cruelty free lip gloss 🐰

Fills 20-25 10ml gloss tubes

Fills 45-50 5ml gloss tubes 


~ Purchase 8 oz Pre-Made Lip gloss

~ Purchase lip gloss tubes (Link in my amazon storefront)

~ Purchase Syringes & Pipettes 

~ And fill! That’s it 💗

Becoming your own boss babe just got 10 times easier 

Formulated with grapeseed oil ⭐️