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Kikiz Cosmeticz

Kikiz Cosmeticz Gift Card

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Start your loved one's make-up journey with a 'Kikiz Cosmeticz Gift Card' - it's the perfect way to show you care! Give them the freedom to select their favorite products - whether it's lipgloss, body care, or blush - and make sure they look their best! They'll thank you later! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Customer Reviews

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Marva Rodriguez

Kikiz Cosmeticz Gift Card

Lynn Becker
Gift card

I havenโ€™t received an actual gift card- just a certificate. An actual card would be preferable.

Rose M Cheschi
Easy Ordering

This card was one of the gifts for my granddaughter for her birthday. It was one of the things that she wanted. She was so happy.

Need a couple key customizables...

Edit: Kikiz gave such a swift response that I edited my rating to show my appreciation for that. I would love to see the gc options improve! (Also, I didn't know my feedback would be published and I don't want to hurt this business).

My daughter's been begging for a Kikiz product. She a huge fan. An opportunity came up to treat her, so I thought of a gift card from here.
Here are the 2 obstacles I encountered:
1. No custom options for the gc amount. $20 is an industry standard but currently not available. The jump from $10-$30 is pretty steep, and especially for first- time buyers: $10 is too little and $30 is too much.
2. I did want to surprise my girl with this by texting or emailing her, but it only lets you email it to yourself. But with a text or email they can just follow the link. Also it can include little personalized messages. And how would you send a gc to someone far away?

Looking forward to seeing this system upgraded. Thanks!

Marissa Perez
Makes a great gift!!

My favourite thing to do with gift cards is to buy a small amount every so often, then stack them so I can buy a lot! Or just give them as gifts.