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Kikiz Cosmeticz

Frosted Holiday Bundle (30% OFF UNTIL 12/10)

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Frosted Holiday Bundle includes:

 Dazzled • White iridescent with blue & purple shifts Peppermint Flavored

Kissed • Deep maroon with red glitter cranberry flavored

Glazed • Warm brown with orange undertone & bronze glitter cookie flavored 

Im so excited to share our FIRST LAB PRODUCED bundle with you! For the past year we have been working with a cosmetics lab to mass produce our glosses. The formula of these glosses is a NEW FORMULA with even more shine, even more hydration, and even MORE pigment! Thank you so much for growing with me and supporting me throughout this journey, Happy Holidays ☃️ 

Customer Reviews

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Let me preface this with my LOVE of Kiki and her brand and the quality of her lipglosses. I own more than 20 of them, I love and am impressed by all of them. The Holiday bundle packaging is beautiful! The colors are vibrant, but the formula is why I have to give it 3 stars. They all smell yummy but the formula is thin, a bit watery, not as high shine/glossy as her handmade ones, the color is not buildable and the aftertaste makes them unusable for me. I also noticed that my lips felt a bit irritated. I’m so sad, I wanted to love them as I have loved everything I have bought from Kiki. I got 3 sets and unfortunately I will not be able to use them. And I’m not sure if I will be giving them away as I don’t want these to represent the quality of which Kikiz products are.
Make no mistake, I will absolutely continue to buy and support Kikiz products, but it will only be her own handmade products.